Key Features

  • Track n Trace Vehicle:-

    JEEVAN GPS helps to track the exact location of vehicles commuting students at all times from anywhere. Movement of vehicles can be tracked real time.

  • Easy Tracking of Aggressive Driving and Speed:-

    JEEVAN GPS enables to keep a check on the speed of the vehicle. Over speeding alerts are sent to the concerned person instantly.

  • Ignition Alert:-

    The device also sends automated alerts to keep the concerned informed about ignition status, idle time and over-speed.

  • Prevent Theft or Misuse of Vehicle at All Times:-

    When a vehicle is stolen or misuse, JEEVAN GPS, installed in the vehicle will reveal location of the vehicle.

  • Track the Route of your trip:-

    JEEVAN GPS will alert transport managers if the driver deviates from the scheduled routes against instructions.

  • Cost control and vehicle maintenance:-

    Cost per kilometer can be derived by installing JEEVAN GPS fuel sensor in each vehicle.