Service Features

JEEVAN GPS is an in-house manufactured device enabled with high-end hardware offering comprehensive solutions to educational institutions. Additionally, it is tailor made to match customer requirements

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    JEEVAN GPS is a user-friendly device with innovative features that makes vehicle tracking easy and efficient. In addition, educational institutions get daily reports on the vehicle movement and data storage up to 30 days, enabling easy management of vehicles.

  • Authentic & Reliable Device

    JEEVAN GPS, Hardware device comes with warranty; these devices are highly reliable and are competitively priced

    Parents can stay worry free about their child’s safety and security, while computing to school

  • Back-Up Data Support & Daily Report

    With JEEVAN GPS, the school management and vehicle operator have access to daily reports on several aspects when boarding and getting off the vehicle such as:

    • Departure time of the vehicle
    • Arrival time of the vehicle either ways
    • Number of times the vehicle went over-speed
    • The total distance covered
    • The total idle-time crossed

    Installing Jeevan GPS gives the advantage to store the data for 30 days for quick reference.

  • Automated Alerts for Parents

    Whenever the vehicle approaches to pickup and drop up the child, the parents are alerted via-SMS. In addition RFID embedded Identity Cards are provided to the students these cards enables to transmit. Boarding time and place departing time and place to the parents at all times.

    The parents can also check the status of the vehicle by sending message to the GPRS unit, which in turn automatically text the location of the vehicle

  • Automated Alerts for Transport Managers

    At times when the vehicle encounters a breakdown, this device will alert the driver about the nearest vehicle location.